Sponsorship Proposal

Underwriting announcements on public radio create a “halo effect” for sponsors and convey integrity social responsibility and high-quality products.

80% have more positive opinion of a company when it supports public radio

90% to pick a direct action as a result of here in a sponsorship message

75% say when all else equal they prefer to buy from a public radio sponsor

Unique Marketing Tool
Public radio programming is unique among radio stations your message could be tailored to stand out on this unique medium

Public radio listeners are passionate and loyal – they spend their own money to support the programming, they are actually thankful you support their favorite programming.

Uncluttered Environment
Your message doesn’t get lost in a sea of other advertisers. The uncluttered environment leads to more active listening.

Reach your Target
Your message reaches the influential people in the community; opinion leader; decision makers; business leaders; A specific audience can also be targeted by the content of the program.

The trust that the audience has in its radio station is transferred to you and your business