Kennie Henderson AKA Low Budget Rock Star (Rock)


Welcome to Indigenous in Music with Larry K, this week we welcome from Manitoba. Singer, guitarist and front man for HIS band “Low Budget Rock Star.” Kennie Henderson is in the house. They have been enjoying the success with the release of new singles. They are featured in our current issue of the SAY Magazine, read all out them on our music page at

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A new sound has risen out of the northern realms of Manitoba thanks to Low Budget Rock Star.  Prophets of our time. Saints from the north.  True gritty, silly, intimate, & flavorful.  An arena pop rock sound that howls through the wind with the strength of a JCM 800 (4)(12) Marshall stacked cabinet speaking volumes.  This small but mighty three-piece band harnesses a big sound that fights endlessly to breathe life into a wary form of art, rock n roll. 

Critics and peers in the music industry are praising the catalog of Low Budget Rock Star who are nurturing their new release, More Than Ever, available now.  They also released ‘Sunglasses’ early in 2022 with the song charting in the top ten on the Indigenous Music Countdown being heard around the world via Sirius XM Satellite Radio!  In 2019, the band released their self-titled debut single announcing their arrival to the world bringing with them a new philosophy on life. 

The band is made up of all the right elements.  Musicians who have stood the tests of time living their lives on the front lines saving rock n roll.  The spirit of music has led Low Budget Rock Star to a cross roads and a need for growth.  To grow out of the confines of comfort & isolation by reaching higher than they ever have before.  The songs they have compiled are their very best. They have an over flowing well of creativity thanks to the Great Spirit. They have the right team and fan base behind them.  The only thing missing is you!  Are you ready to save rock n roll?  Are you up for it?

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