Shirt Shack

Welcome to our new Artist Sponsored Indigenous in Music Shirt Shack. Join our Musicians. Your purchase of a T-shirt helps support our Indigenous in Music Mission and Goals.  Indigenous in Music limited edition T-shirt apparel available in assorted colors and styles. A fresh new line of apparel from us!

Thank you to our Musician who support Us and our mission.

Marc Nadjiwan, Michael Paul, Bluedog, Thana Redhawk, The Johnnys, Esther Pennell, The Spiritual Warriors, QVLN, Khu.eex, The Bloodshots, The Eagle and Raven Band, Shawn Michael Perry, Buggin Malone, Violent Ground, Cody Coyote, Chris Ferree and Medicine Crow, Tchutchu, Mike Bern, Sandra Sutter, Gabby Taylor and Def-i.

Unisex Tee               $25.00
Unisex Tank               25.00
Girl Tee                        25.00
Kid Tee                         25.00
Long Sleeve Tee      25.00
Hoodie                         33.00
Sweat Shirt                33.00