Indigenous in Music with Andrew Saltz of Salty Dog (Neo-Psych Funk Rock)

Welcome to Indigenous in Music with Larry K, this week Larry welcomes from North Carolina, Andrew Saltz. He is the creator of “Salty Dog.” They have been enjoying the success of their latest self titled album. A mix a Neo-Psych Funk Rock.

Salty Dog, Sinuupa, Dan-Georges Mckenzie, Morgan Toney, Systema Solar, Anachnid, Eadse, Old Soul Rebel, Latin Vibe, Mike Bern, Young Medicine,Old Soul Rebel, Don Amero, Axel Krygier, Nathan Cunningham, Rellik, Brandis Knudsen, Buggin Malone, Ana Tijoux, Nortec Collective, STOiK, Phyllis Sinclair, Indian City, Angel Baribeau, Stolen Identity, Centavrvs and much much more.

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Our interview is 30 minutes into the show Hour 1…..Enjoy!


Salty D.O.G.

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