Tchutchu in our Spotlight Interview, (Electronica, House)


Encore Presentation: Welcome to indigenous in Music! This week Larry welcomes into our Spotlight from from the Onion Lake Cree Nation, Saskatchewan, Canada, Mr Chu Chu. He has just released is new album, a mix a high energy electronica dance. Entitled “A Tribe of My Own.” You can find him on his facebook and his music on Spotify.

Enjoy music from Tchutchu, Nortec Collective, Dj Bitman, STOik, Aleah Belle, Plex, Black Bear, A Tribe Called Red, Eagle & Hawk, VILDA, Cody Coyote, Centavrvs, Stolen Identity, Elastic Bond, Julian Taylor Band, Systema Solar, Funkreal, Brain Hedges, Laura Niquay, Moe Clark, Quinn Bonnell, Jasmine Netsena, Federico Aubele, Celeigh Cardinal, Chris Ferree, Sofi Tukker, Bomba Estereo, Campo, Carsen Gray, Red Rockerz, DJ Krayzkree, Jamie Prado, Captain Planet, Whilk & Misky, Yoqui, Northern Cree Singers, DJ Shub and much much more.

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Davis Warner Whitstone
Plains Cree from Onion Lake, Saskatchewan
IMA nominated for best electronic album 2018
SAE Vancouver Graduate 2016

To tell a short story from my beginning I have been making music since late 2011 after hearing Sonny Moore aka Skrillex, They made an ep called gypsyhook I was hooked and downloaded fl studio on a laptop I found in an abandoned house, but I couldn’t just download things, cause we had no internet, so I went to Lloydminster, which is 30 mins south of Onion Lake, to download what i could from outside a hotel then after getting to know my way around fl studio.

I changed my alias about 5 times trying to find a name that would stick. I’ve made in total of 10 ep’s which i only gave away for free when I bought cd’s to call music therapy is not good enough to me it it the mirror essence of your character it is more unique then your own finger print one song is the universe and this is how i approached music from the beginning.

I chose the name TCHUTCHU cause I can’t stop making music even if I could
for a long time I only had dreams of shape shifters and all black traditional regalia showing me how to dance but I never could so I made music to those steps my main focus and joy I get is showing kids how easy it is to do what you love and not to hold back.

If they could learn anything from me its just the willingness to chase a dream is actually the first willing step in any path you want to create
it is and will be hard in the beginning but let me know if you need anything at all and i’ll always be here to the best of my abilities.

Thanks for your time and I love you all who supported me tell me if you ever need anything or an ear to talk too. I’m here for you all.

Davis Warner Whitstone

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