Indigenous in Music with Larry K – Aleah Belle of STOiK in our Spotlight Interview (Electronica, Dance)

Welcome to Indigenous in Music! This week Larry welcomes into our Spotlight from Toronto, Ontario, singer, songwriter and performer “Aleah Bell. She is one part of the new high energy electronica dance band “STOiK.” They have a new album out “Para dolia.” Find them on the web at

Enjoy music from Stoik, Dj Bitman, Nora Norman, Bomba Estereo, Jamie Prado, Carsen Gray, QVLN, Coflo, Tchutchu, Nortec Collective, Aleah Belle, Captain Planet, Amaru Tribe, Ana Tijoux, DJ Krayzkree, Jayden Paz, Dancin Dave, Locos Por Juana, XAXO, Blue Mountain Tribe, The Eagle and The Raven band, Tim Cruly, Celeigh Cardinal, The Band, Mimi O’Bonsawin, B Side Players, Indian City, Shauit, Banda Black Rio, The Mavericks, Kelly Fraser, Kokeshibeatz and much much more.

To Skip to Spotlight Interview, click forward two times to segment 3….Enjoy!


In 2042, Earth becomes uninhabitable and humans are forced to evacuate. Some refuse, most of them Indigenous, and move underground. Their descendants survive into the distant future, anchored by ancient knowledge and practice. It is in this future where we meet STOiK, a group of Indigenous artists & warriors led by Gidochige which translates in Anishinaabemowin to “He plays music.”

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