Indigenous in Music with Larry K – Shauit in our Spotlight Interview (Reggae, Folk)


Welcome to Indigenous in Music!  This week Larry welcomes into our Spotlight from the Innu First Nations, Quebec, Canada. Singer, songwriter, and performer Mr. Shauit. He has a new album out “Apu peikussiaku.” You can find him on the web at

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To Skip to Spotlight Interview, click forward two times to segment 3….Enjoy!

Originally from Maliotenam in northeastern Quebec, the singer-songwriter, Shauit, sings in Creole, French, English, but especially in his native language (Innu). This one-of-a-kind artist offers honest and committed songs with a reggae/pop and dancehall flavor.

Shauit is one of the few Canadian artists to ingeniously mix reggae with an Aboriginal language. Since the release of his eponymous EP in 2014, the demands for his music continue to grow. Even found in feature films and used as a theme song for television series. His song Kie Tshinuau was also chosen among a multitude of artists to promote Canadian music on the compilation of the world-renowned Songlines magazine. During the last year, he was able to take part in several renowned festivals such as the Quebec City Festival and the Tadoussac Song Festival. Having traveled across Canada from the Yukon to Russia, Shauit’s name is beginning to circulate more and more in the aboriginal community internationally.

Shauit is currently producing a full-length album that is scheduled for release in late summer 2016. Shauit is a proud representative of the aboriginal and aboriginal culture around the world.


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