Indigenous in Music with Larry K – JUQ in our Spotlight Interview (POP)


Encore Presentation: Welcome to indigenous in Music, here is this week’s show. Join Larry and his guest from the Pine Ridge Indian Nation, singer, songwriter, and performer, Mr JUQ. You can find out about him and hear his new “Lakota Pop album “Bunniez n’ Bearz,” exclusively at Indigenous in

Enjoy music from JUQ, Artson, Quese Imc, Supaman, Joey Stylez, DJ Shub, Dragonette, VILDA, Dj Bitman, Once A Tree, Chris Feree, De Madregada, Banda Black Rio, Bert Malcom, Irv Lyons Jr., Crystal Shawanda, Murray Porter Los Fabulosos, Freightrain, The Gary Sappier Band, Gary Small & the Coyote Bros, Wayne Lavallee, Gina Loring, iskwe, Santana, Tonemah, Jasmine Netsena, Young Medicine, Jamie Coon, Leela Gilday, Matt Comeau.

To Skip to Spotlight Interview, click forward two times to segment 3….Enjoy!

Welcome to Indigenous in Music with Larry K.  Today we are excited to be apart of the new album release “Bunniez N’ Bears” from “JUQ.”  Wanbli Ceya aka JUQ is an Oglala Lakota singer / songwriter / cultural advocate on the Pine Ridge Reservation. While also making his music, which he brands as “Lakota pop”, he is an avid presence amongst his people, using his art and self awareness as a catapult towards Lakota language & cultural revitalization efforts in his community, with a desire to launch cultural initiatives such as “mní: a Lakota immersion tipi village” off his music.

His debut project “tempo”, the 1st chapter of “the oglala wolf puppy w/ PTSD” trilogy, made him a 4 time award nominated artist and collaborations with Felipe Rose of the Village & B. of Dakota South Records made him a 2 time NAMA winning songwriter, solidifying himself as an artist to look out for. His 1st music video for “July” amassed just over 10,000 views on Facebook & YouTube, and a documentary done by Native Hope which focused on him and his community efforts amassed over 140,000 views on Facebook in it’s 1st week out. Now running off his own imprint “oglalapuppies.”,

With the release today of “bunniez n’ bearz” (May 3rd, 2019) on Indigenous in Music & “nya” (2nd chapter in “Oglala wolf puppy” trilogy, November 9th, 2019) being so imminent, it’s clear that the 24 year old is fixing to be an exciting presence in the indigenous music scene and indigenous communities everywhere.

“A Sonic exploration of love & sexuality via my experience of my Lakota culture”


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