Indigenous in Music with Larry K – Tracy Lee Nelson in our Spotlight Interview

On this show Larry welcomes Mr. Tracy Lee Nelson to our Spotlight for an interview. Singer, songwriter and blues musician, he has just released his 8th album, he will be stopping by give us an update. Find out all about him on the web at

Also music from Tracy Lee Nelson, Crystal Shawanda, Billy Joe Green, Gary Small, Irv Lyons Jr., Soda Stereo, Spirit Cry, Technicolor Fabrics, Stolen Identity, Dustin Harder, Rober Mirabal, Midnight Shine, Manu Chao, Ed Koban, Luciano Supervielle, Kinky, Eagle & Hawk, La Lay, Lenine, XAXO, Twin Flames, Stolen Identity, The Deeds, Jamie Coon, The Isley Brothers, Santana, Litefoot, B-Side Players and much much more. Visit us on our new website at

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