Indigenous in Music and Arts

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Our Mission: 
We are working to preserve cultural expression by creating more opprtunity for the community to benefit from and be a benefit to indigenous art and music.

The Indigenous in Music and Arts is a registered nonprofit 501c3 radio program, heard on over 35 stations and in 6 major markets, Chicago, Detroit, Colorado Springs, Philadelphia, Columbus and Anchorage.

Nonprofit Purpose:

Indigenous in Music and Arts Inc is organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes in accordance with Section 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. More specifically, Indigenous in Music and Arts is dedicated to celebrating the indigenous cultural arts and working to develop the educational improvement, economic opportunity and social advancement of indigenous communities and individuals who share these values.

Specific Purpose:

Indigenous in Music and Arts provides music and cultural entertainment that reflect or represent indigenous identity worldwide. The organization also fosters opportunities for individuals or groups who want to celebrate the rich history and culture of indigenous people and develop themselves, especially within music or arts. These opportunities include scholarships, collaborative projects and other educational programs to develop.