Indigenous in Music with Larry K – Robert “Freightrain” Parker in our Spotlight Interview

Welcome to Indigenous in Music! Join Larry and his guest from Buffalo, NY Mr. Robert “Frieghtrain” Parker. He has a new album out “Outside Ourselves.” he’ll be stopping by to tell us all about it. You can find all about and hear his music on the web at Music from Freightrain, The Gary Sappier Blues Band, Crystal Shawanda, Cafe Tacvba, Electric Religious, CHANCES, Banda Black Rio, Rockapelli, Wizardnow, Martha Redbone, Gary Small & the Coyote’ Bros., Jota Quest, Jamie Coon, Novalima, Wolfsheart, Whilk & Misky, XAXO, Locos Por Juana, Ozomatli, Spirit Cry, Nortec Collective, Joyslam, Ed Koban, Gareth, Plastilina Mosh and much much more.

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