Indigenous in Music with Larry K – David Thundering Eagle Fallis in our Spotlight Interview

On this this show. Larry welcomes back to our Spotlight from Frankfort, Kentucky, Mr. David Thundering Eagle Fallis. Tune in and find out all about Dave and his new album “Mantle Rock,” you can hear Dave’s music on the web at iTunes. Also enjoy music from David Thundering Eagle Fallis, Leanne Goose, Fara Palmer, Natalia Clavier, Solju, Indian City, Janel Munoa, Crystal Shawanda, Nortec Collective, Lucas Ciliberti, Steven Rushingwind, Gabriel Ayala, Gato Barbieri, CHANCES, Stolen Identity, De Madrugada, Fiebre Amarilla, Flamingo Star, Jota Quest, Juan Luis Guerra, Rellik, Midnight Shine, Nortec Collective, Leela Gilday, Rose Moore, Julian Taylor Band, Trent Agecoutay, William Prince and much, music more. Visit us on our website, and let us know what you think about our show and where your at

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