Indigenous in Music with Larry K – Chris Ferree in our Spotlight Interview (Native Americana Rock)

Welcome to indigenous in Music! This week Larry welcomes into our Spotlight from Shelby North Carolina, singer, songwriter and flute player Mr. Chris Ferree. He has just released his 7th album “Chris Ferree & Medicine Crow.” You can find out all about Chris and hear his music on the web at

Enjoy music from Chris Ferree, Ed Koban, Jamie Coon, Laura Niquay, Eagle & Hawk, Soda Stereo, STOIK, Aleah Belle, Thievery Corporation, Tara Williamson, Jasmine Netsena, Leah Shenandoah, Blackhawk Walters, Marcia Chum, Nortec Collective, Dj Bitman, The Mavericks, Cody Coyote, Artson, Quese Imc, Once A Tree, Lagan Statts, Mimi O’Bonsawin, Mariame, Supaman, Thievery Corporation, Tchutchu, MIOS, Aterciopelados, B-Side Players, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Crystal Shawanda and much much more.

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Chris Ferree & Medicine Crow

Medicine Crow is a neo-traditional Native Americana rock band with world, jazz, and blues influences.

Sometime in late 2014, my composing partner, Brad Hord and I had just finished the recording of “The Invisible World” project. After 6 studio albums and several years doing film scores with Brad under the name CutshawKane, I had started to miss playing live and getting that personal reaction from the listener. I also wanted to keep things fresh by collaborating with some other local musicians.

When time allowed, I started by getting together with a high school friend and guitarist Mark Addington. It did not take long to start bouncing new musical ideas around and reworking songs from previously released CDs, making them more suitable for a planned 3 to 5 piece band.
After months of practicing and writing a number of new instrumentals; as well as adding my oldest son Bryson Ferree on percussion, we had a set list that we thought was interesting enough to start booking a few local gigs. We settled on our group name and played a couple of gigs as a 3 piece before adding Pedro Fraginals on electric guitar/bass. We finished out 2015 playing several more venues and festivals. The audience response was great and the positive feedback was encouraging.

We took the winter off to regroup and see what we could do to improve our sound and the songs themselves. Over the next few months, Pedro and I began writing new songs together. I think this process was successful in testing and stretching both of our songwriting and musical boundaries.
Throughout 2016 and 2017, the line-up changed several times with different local musicians filling positions and experimenting, with our sound and song arrangements. Pedro and I are always writing new music and songs. We started recording our first self-titled CD in 2018 with the help of Bryan Powell of Wizard Tree Recordings. Our release date is set for the spring of 2019.

We continue playing live shows from Feb to Nov, sometimes as a duo or trio and others with a revolving and evolving group of local musicians sitting in with us. Dates will be posted on our website, Facebook and Instagram. Thank you ahead of time for your support and we hope to see you soon!

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