Indigenous in Music with Larry K – Buggin Malone in our Spotlight Interview (Hip Hop)

Welcome to indigenous in Music! This week Larry welcomes we welcome back into our Spotlight from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Singer, songwriter and hip hop performer. Mr. Buggin Malone, he has just released in new album “Humanity, Vol, 1.” You can find out all about Buggin on his Facebook and hear his music on Spotify and itunes.

Enjoy music from Buggin Malone, QLVN, Q&O, Oveous, Supaman, Passionate MC, Elastic Bond, Carsen Gray, Red Rockerz, Once A Tree, Stolen Identity, Natalia Clavier, STOIK, Artson, Quese Imc, Frank Waln, Kodi Denoyer, Ozomatli, Slightly Stoopid, Jamie Coon, Gary Small & the Coyote Bros., Murray Porter, Arvel Bird, Indigenous, Kelly Derrickson, Thunderhad Joe and the Medicine Show, Twice As Good, Cary Morin, Mimi O’Bonsowin, Gina Loring, iskwe, Janet Panic, Laura Niquay, Inez Jasper, Jon C., Joey Styles, Marcelo D2 and much much more.

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“Buggin” Malone Is CEO of Ancestor Records, Kolor Blind Muzik Group and an award winning artist of the Potawatomi, Ho Chunk, Mohican & Oneida Nations. Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Wayne Malone’s music career began with writing autobiographical lyrics at the age of 15 when he was incarcerated. Seeing freedom and Three years later Buggin Malone was living in the twin cities trying to get his education and left the rough past he was subjected to behind. He put together a band, 2 DJ’s, bass player, Spanish style acoustic guitar, percussions, fancy dancer Leon Thompson and traditional tribal songs, went radical on the scenes and “took over the Minneapolis underground stages, rallies and concert venues.

Utilizing my knowledge of our struggles to educate and move the crowd… I was on fire.” Through activism, music, and community outreach Malone has empowered himself and his listeners. He honors Indigenous traditions and has maintained a direct tone that his fans and the industry have come to trust in his award winning music. He continues to write original music, perform nationally, sit on discussion panels, and is available for public speaking, interviews, and tours.

Buggin Malone looks forward to branching out and collaborating on music and film projects in the U. S. and internationally. Malone does not dress up his music to cash in on commercial success. Instead, he is a wordsmith who crafts lyrics as they erupt from his soul about children who are abused, women who are raped, elders who are neglected and tribal peoples who are survivors of ethnic cleansing and resistors of federal policies of cultural-religious-linguistic genocide. Malone’s music empowers.

His songs are real-life education and historical narratives. That is why “Jai”Those in the music industry recognized Malone as a forerunner in the business who wrote socio-political music before it became a fad. Malone is respected as an OG in the business who walked through fire and knows what it is like to suffer. Malone is respected as an early Rap Artist and activist who pioneered socio-political rap music as an American Indian music genre. He kicked down doors with his revolutionary lyrics during his early career speaking out about social and political injustices burdening Indigenous peoples.

Today he continues to collaborate with other activists in the music and film industries, tour, record, produce, and direct while bringing awareness to American Indian and Indigenous experiences globally. Malone’s music style has become profitable for those jumping in to cash in. Malone doesn’t live life to cash in. He lives life to share the power he found in music because it saved his own life. This is no game to Malone. People are losing their lives every day in the streets, on the rez, in their homes. Malone writes music that motivates change and lets his listeners know someone hears them.

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